1. Go to www.nsyc.net
  2. Homepage…click “Community” at top of screen
  3. Next screen…click “Login” and view the “username and password” entry screen
  4. Make sure to view the entire “username and password” entry screen (TOP-TO-BOTTOM)
  5. Click “Lost your password?” at bottom of “username and password” screen
  6. Next screen…enter either Username or email address of record. Then, click “Get new Password”
  7. Next screen…will be username and password entry screen with a message saying, “Check your e-mail for the confirmation link.”
  8. Next step…login to your email account and check regular and/or spam/junk inboxes. Look for a message titled, “Word Press
    [North Shore Yacht Club] Password Reset”
  9. Within the email received, click on the link just below the following text…”To reset your password, visit the following address:”
  10. Next screen…enter your new password twice.
  11. Click the “Reset Password” button
  12. You are now ready to login with username and new password!
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