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The Boat Sharing (BS) & Adult Sailing (AS) committee is pleased to announce that the BS & AS program is active and “You’re Invited!”.

We will be holding a get-acquainted and program briefing at the Club on Tuesday. June 6th at 7:30 for program participants and all members of the Club. James Broyles, our Sailing Instructor, will be there. Please come and RSVP (only if you are coming) to boatshare@nsyc.net.

At this gathering, we’ll demonstrate how you can capitalize on how the Boat Sharing Program can work for you regarding path to entry, becoming certified, reserving the boat, signing up for lessons, inviting others to sail with you, and even indicating how you can join qualified skippers for a sail, etc. We anticipate you’ll walk away with a pretty good understanding of the Program and also meet alot of people with the same interests.

This is a very exciting program that has received a very positive response! Please join us for this get-acquainted/program briefing and RSVP (only if you are coming) to boatshare@nsyc.net .

The Boat Share Committee:
Ben Shapiro, Chairman
Paula Davis
P/C Marc Epstein
Bill Palafox
Mary Lu Palafox
Richard Raskin
Carlo Zaskorski

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